Cristiano ronaldo's brace against Lazio sets yet another unique record in football.

Are you one of those guys who thinks Cristiano Ronaldo's regime is over?Do you think he's getting too old for football? 

Well I have a bad news for you..You couldn't be any more mistaken!!!

Ronaldo scored a brace against Lazio as Juventus went eight points clear at the top of Italian Serie A table with 4 games remaining in hand.He scored a penalty in the 51st minute and three minutes later in the 54th minute tapped in his second after an unselfish assist from the Argentine youngster  Paulo Dybala.


When it comes to breaking records Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro is the best there is.
Ronaldo's perfomance against Lazio on Monday added,not one but two new golden feathers to his cap.

Yesterday he scored his 50th goal in his Serie A career,making him the fastest player to reach half century in goals in the league.

CRISTIANO RONALDO              61
SHEVCGENKO                             68
RONALO DE LIMA                      78
MILITO                                          78
TREZEGUET                                 73
 Another thing that makes Ronaldo's record special is that,others in above given list did not completed 50 goals when they were 35.Some of them were even retired at that age,where Ronaldo is still on his top form.Studies say 35 year old Ronaldo has the body of a 20 year old.

Its not only his age that makes this leap so special he did it in world's most defensive football league,Serie A.Some still believe Ronaldo's prime is over,they should start watching matches.

Fastest 50 goals was not the only record Cristiano wrote to his name yesterday.He became the first ever player in the history of football to score 50+ goals in Premier league,Serie A and La liga.He also became the second player to score 50+ goals in 3 of Top 5 leagues after Bosnian striker  Edin Dzeko,who scored 50 goals in English Premier league,Italian Serie A  and German Bundesliga.

Ronaldo also became the third player in the history of Juventus to score 30 goals in a single Serie A campaignin their history,after Felice Borel and John Hansen

It was not only Ronaldo who added a new record to his name but the Old lady herself.For the first time in their history juventus has scored atleast 2 goals in Eleven consecutive games. 

Ronaldo probably has the most number of fans in the entire world.With a fandom like this there will be haters also. Like every other celebrity Ronaldo also have a lot of haters around the globe.

This is what Ronaldo had to say to his haters.Its been so long since his haters started trying to knock the portugese man down,but Ronaldo always had the last win.When Ronaldo came to juventus,he didn't have a spectacular season at the beginning.It was his first year in the league and that too the most defensive league in the world.It took some time for him to get adapted to the new team's game play.It is quite normal for any football player. After-all they are also humans.

Ronaldo's transfer was done so late in the window so that he didn't get much time to used with the new style,but once he got the hang of it he gave his answers to his haters.Records and goals were always Ronaldo's favourite language when it comes to replying to haters.At the end he finished 3rd in the Ballon D'OR standings after Lionel Messi and Virgil Van Dijik.He also became second in the Golden boot table.

After the birth of 2020 what we withnessed was Cristiano Ronaldo back in his prime.His speed,agility and strength were all back to normal.

Lets face it haters he is still the best and he will remain the same for the coming years and there is nothing that you can do about it.

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