David Silva bids farewell to Manchester city after a legendary career

David Silva bids farewell to Manchester city after a legendary career


David Silva is undoubtedly one of the best midfielder premier league has ever seen and probably the best player to wear the legendary sky blue shirt. After a long 9 year David silva finally bid farewell to Manchester City.
David Silva bids farewell to Manchester city after a legendary career

He is one of the most underrated players we have ever seen in the world of football. He's in the same clan of Xavi and Iniesta but nobody gives him the appreciation he deserves, maybe because he doesn't play in big clubs like Real Madrid or Barcelona.

David Silva started his career in Valencia but player his very first professional career with Segunda division's Eiber while being on loan from Valencia. In the following year, Silva left to Celta de Vigo while still being on a loan from Valencia. He led Celta de Vigo directly to the UEFA cup from the second division.

after two years of the loan, David Silva finally returned to valency in the summer of 2006, in the same year he played his senior international debut for Spain national team in a friendly home defeat to Romania.after that he continued to get call ups from the international team and became one of the most eminent players in the national Vamsi return to valencia in 2006 within few weeks he becomes an automatic first choice despite his young age of 20. His performance in Valencia was a turning point in his career in 2008 he LED his team to win the copa del Rey where to watch his first title in Spain.

At the beginning of 2008-2009, he had to miss a lot of matches due to chronic ankle ailment that went to the cease in mid-December and scored against Atletico Madrid. By 2010 he became a regular player in the Spain national team and appeared in all the ten World Cup qualification matches in which he led his time to the victory and finally in 2010 he got called the to play for Spain in the 2010 football world cup in South Africa. even though his participation in his team was less he played a major role in Spain's victory. and finally,  24-year old David Silva became the champion of the world. The world cup was another turning point in the career of David Silva and many European giants started building on David Silva and Manchester City finally announced the arrival of David Silva to the Etihad Stadium on 30th June 2010.

All this was just beginning to David Silva's legendary carrier with Manchester City. In his first two seasons with the Manchester City, he won the effect cup and premier league and was named in the PFA a team of the year in 2012 he also became Manchester city's player of the year.

He also contributed a lot to cities' 2013/14 premiership. In the season of 2015 and 2016, he added another medal to his shelf the capital one Cup after beating Liverpool.

In 2016 Euro David Silva completed his hundred international appearances for the Spanish National team. After returning from the Euros in 2016 2017 campaign David Silva again became Manchester city's player of the year.

In 2017 he scored a goal and announced to the world that he was having a baby but things started getting complicated when his wife gave a premature delivery and his son had to fight for 5 months to keep his life and David Silva had to travel to valencia and back regularly. He did not even get to join Manchester city's victory parade in the legendary 2017-18 premiership in which they bagged 100 points.

From nine years David Silva added 12 trophies to his name with Manchester City. and finally, after a long legendary career, David Silva is finally bidding farewell to Manchester City. He came to Manchester as a Rookie and now leaving the club as a legend. Etihad will remember Silva forever and his name will go down in history as the best player ever to wear the Sky blue shirt.

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