Ricardo kaka|Decline of a legendary career|

Ricardo kaka|Decline of a legendary career|


In 2008 Ricardo Kaka was on top of the form and was undoubtedly the best player. At just 26 years his career was at its peak, the man had already won a world cup with Brazil and Serie A and Champions League with AC Milan. He also won his first and only Ballon d'Or. He was the last player to win the Ballon d'Or before the Messi, Ronaldo duopoly. So how did the best player in the world  start to decline to an average player in just a few years?

Let's go back to 2002 when the 20-year-old Kaka was playing in the Brazilian club Sao Paulo where he led his team to its first and only Torneio Rio championship. After that, he was called up to the 2002 South Korea World cup squad of Brazil. Even though he was the youngest player in the squad his coach Luis Philippe let him play.Brazil team was packed with Legendary players like Ronaldo Lima, Ronaldhino, Roberto Carlos, and Kafu. Although  Scholari believed that Kaka had the potential to became a Brazilian superstar. He played a lot of minutes for a 20-year-old. He helped the team reach the finals and eventually win the cup.

After the 2002 world cup, European clubs started paying more attention to the Brazilian midfielder and started to bid on him and finally after a long Bidding war  betweenm giants AC Milan finally brought him to San Siro. Within weeks Kaka secured his spot on the starting line up.

As soon as kaka's arrival he started having a huge impact on the squad. He played as the central attacking midfielder backed by Legendary midfielders Like Andrea Pirlo, Clarence Seedorf, Gattuso, Rivaldo. It was a pretty solid Midfield if you ask me. He helped Milan to become the 2003 and 2004 Serie A champions.

 In 2005 he won the Serie A player of the year award and UEFA midfielder of the year award. He also got his first-ever Ballon d'Or nomination in the same year.

In the last two years of Kaka's Milan days, he rose up to the stardom and became a global superstar. He had fans all over the world. After his fellow teammate Clarence Seedorf left to premier league Kaka became a major offensive option for Milan. In 2006 he became Serie A player of the year again. He also got the Serie A golden boot and Champions league Golden boot. In the same year, his name was added to the FIFA World 11.

Then he won the UEFA Super Cup and FIFA club world cup. And finally, in 2007 he won his first Ballon d'Or. This made Kaka an ultimate superstar. He was the first athlete to reach 10 million followers on twitter. Not even Messi, Ronaldo, or LeBron James had that many followers at that time. That was Kaka and his stardom.

After that many big clubs started pulling strings to bring Kaka to their squad and finally after many speculations Kaka left San Siro. If it wasn't for Milan's financial crisis Kaka never would've left Milan. He joined Real Madrid for a record-breaking 68.5 million pound transfer fee. Real Madrid was replacing their galacticos. Not only they bought Kaka but they also bought Cristiano Ronaldo with another record-breaking fee of 93 million pounds.

Kaka's first season in Madrid was looking good, he scored 9 goals and 7 assists without having to bear the offensive load like in Milan. Unfortunately, he didn't get to complete to season because of a knee injury, due to which he had to go through a surgery. This kept him on the bench for halfway through the 2010 season and when he finally came back he scored 7 goals and assisted 6 from only 20 appearances.

Once again injury played the role of villain he had to do the surgery because of the same injury. He was forced out of play. But this time Real Madrid were not ready to wait for the Brazilian to recover, they signed Mesut Ozil. This was the first proof that Real Madrid was losing faith in their multi-million Euro signing. When Kaka finally came back after the long gap everyone thought Ozil would be pulled back to the bench but something else also happened during his absence.

Real Madrid signed Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho from FC Porto. The special one was impressed by Ozil and he had other plans for Kaka. When Kaka came back he lost his position in the starting lineup and was made to start from the bench for many games.

He started playing fewer minutes and his relationship with the coach Jose Mourinho also diminished. Kaka was not used to starting from the bench, even when he was playing with legendary players by his side he always had a position in the starting line up. But this was new to Kaka and as someone who just had two surgeries this destroyed Kaka. With fewer opportunities and confidence Kaka's stats started coming downhill. As time went by his goals and assists became less and less.

I was completely destroyed at Real Madrid
 Kaka came to Madrid as a global superstar and Madrid made the superstar for whom they had spent millions to rot in bench. Even with all the injuries, he fought so hard to return to glory but he has two problems at Maria, one was injury and the other was Jose Mourinho

When I thought he might give me chance,it never happened.I find;t get the chance to prove my form to Mourinho.I trained hard,fought hard,prayed so much,but without coach having faith in me ,I realised I couldn't work with him.
 After a long spell of the miserable years, Kaka finally broke loose out of Madrid and flew back to Italy, to his home San Siro. Unfortunately, he only got to play for one season in Milan. Although his performance was way better than in Madrid. At the end of the season, he joined Orlando city in the MLS  and then went back to Sao Pulo for a loan and came back to Orlando city where he finally retired at the age of  36 in 2017.

Kaka was absolutely unstoppable at his prime, a true legend. If he wasn't fo injuries or Jose Mourinho he would've won many Ballon d'Or. Life is not fair for everyone. Kaka's career going to waste was not only unfortunate for him but the whole football world. May this never happen to anyone else.

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