The real reason behind Ronaldo's

departure|NOT MONEY!!

  • How English media turned Ronaldo's career around.

Its been 11 years and people still don't know the real reason behind Ronaldo's Premier League exit.

Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United

If you are one of the guys who thinks Cristiano Ronaldo left Manchester United for Money you should definitely read this article and get your facts right. It is easy to hate someone just because that makes you feel better. But you have to see the other side of the story as well. The side everyone chose to forget

Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United and were once inseparable. After picking up the legendary No 7 shirt Ronaldo took Old Trafford by storm. At that time it seemed that there was no reason for Ronaldo to leave Manchester United for any reason.

Ronaldo's relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson was quite unique and in his later days, Ronaldo referred to Ferguson as his father in the sport. He also admitted that Manchester United played a huge role in the development of his career.

Ronaldo and United were too tight that the fans were looking forward to seeing the Portuguese kid grow old with them.
After coming to Manchester united he picked up the No 7 shirt which was once worn by legends like Eric Cantona, David Beckham, and George Best. George best himself later hailed Ronaldo's debut as undoubtedly the most exciting he had ever seen.

Ronaldo's first three years with the Red Devils were exciting and really shaped his career. He was getting attention for his pace, skills, and goal-scoring ability. United fans adored the Portuguese teenager with their whole heart.

There was no reason for anyone to hate the young sensation until July 1, 2006. The day that changed Cristiano Ronaldo's whole career, the day he became a villain in every English man's story. One match turned everything around.

If you don't know about the story you may think that this was one Manchester United game. But you are mistaken this has nothing to do with manchester United. In fact, this story has nothing to do with any Clubs.I'm not gonna bore you to death with build-ups, lets cut to the chase.

It was the year 2006, after a long wait of 4 years the FIFA World cup had finally arrived. Undoubtedly the best sporting event in the whole world. Everyone was looking forward to seeing their favorite side kissing the Golden trophy

All the teams were filled with star players and the whole football world was in the peak of excitement.

England was undoubtedly the favorites to win the cup. Their squad was loaded with great talent and World-class players. A simple glance at the English starting line up would've struck fear into any opposing sides at that time. Terry, Ferdinand, Ashley cole protecting the back, Gerard and Lampard holding the midfield, Beckham and the English golden boy Rooney up in the front. The English team was literally a Dream 11.

The English were excited and they believed that the trophy was coming home after a long wait of 40 years. English Streets were filled with joy and everyone thought it was only a matter of time before they could bring the WORLD CUP back home. England qualified for the Round of sixteen without losing a single match and defeated Ecuador in the RO16s. Quarter Final was against Portugal.

England's favorite Red devil was their rival. Things got heated up even before the starting of the match and it was the 66th minute of the game when it happened.

Wayne Rooney fouled Dani Carvalho and when the referee whistled Rooney stood up from the fall and stood on Carvalho's body yet again. The whole of Portugal team rushed to referee and there was a huge exchange of words between the players and the match officials. While Cristiano Ronald was arguing with referee Rooney came in between and started pushing Ronaldo by his chest. Ronaldo didn't even try to get back at his club teammate. Rooney was clearly furious at Ronaldo.

The referee saw that and without a second thought, Rooney was sent off with a straight RED CARD. Cristiano and Rooney were best friends in the club and were often referred to as "Made for each other". But this was the world cup and there was no room wor sentiments. Both players were cent percentage dedicated to their Nations. Later that match Portugal defeated England in the Penalty shootouts.
After Rooney was sent off Ronaldo gave a cheeky wink to a group of his Portuguese teammates. This gesture infuriated the English fans and they decided to placed the blame on Ronaldo.

English Media started saying that the referee was not going to give a card to Rooney until Ronaldo came along and started shouting. They forgot about Rooney's push and made it look as if Ronaldo was the reason behind Rooney's Red card. Hence England's WorldCup exit.

After all the expectations, it was heartbreaking for English fans to see their team of invincibles getting knocked out in the Quarterfinals. They were gutted and furious. After the media's drama, it was easy for the English fans to put the blame on Ronaldo.

After the world cup when Ronaldo returned to Old Trafford for the 2006/07 season. Ronaldo was getting booed by the same fans who used to celebrate his goals. After few months of hate on him, Ronaldo publically announced that he needs to leave the club. This announcement was like adding salt to the wound. However, Man Utd management was keen on keeping Ronaldo at Old Trafford.

Ronaldo had no option but to stay at the club. He also started hinting about his interest in a transfer to Real Madrid in the interviews. English fans were getting worse day by day.No matter how well he played, that world cup incident was never forgotten and they continued to jeered and abuse. There even was special police protection was needed to keep Ronaldo safe.

However, as always, Ronaldo silenced the haters with his performance and goals. Even with all the hate and abuses Ronaldo stayed there for another three years and rewrote numerous Premier league records to his name. He went on to win three consecutive Premier League titles and won his first-ever Champions League. After a long period of abuse, Ronaldo finally got transferred to Real Madrid in 2009 where he became the all-time top scorer.

Ronaldo was just another victim of English media manipulation. He was just a man who they choose to place the blame on just so they could cover up their team's inability to win titles and their mistakes. You can hate him all you want but don't forget that his name is Cristiano Ronaldo and he will always find a way to rise above the hate. Like Thanos said IT IS INEVITABLE.


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