Pele is one of the greatest players ever to play the game. But is he really the greatest?

Pele is the national hero of Brazil with unimaginable records to his name. Many people consider him as the greatest player ever to step foot on the field. So would you believe me if I say that Pele is the most overrated player football has ever seen?

Pele's career is a legend(like every other) which got glorified over the years to a point where nobody will believe the truth behind it. Pele being the Best player of all time has become a fact that when other legendary players like Messi, Ronaldo, or Maradona's name are brought up nobody care to ask why pele is the best. Pele's name is like benchmark football fans use to analyze how good other iconic players are.

Even a young 17-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo himself has said that Pele is the best ever footballer. But Ronaldo was born after Pele was retired and clearly hasn't seen pele play. You can't call someone the best player without seeing him/her play. So like Cristiano Ronaldo, all we can do is look at the stats and pele's stats are unbelievably godlike. He was an absolute goal machine. He has scored 1282 goals throughout his career, something other players can only dream of.

However, Pele didn't score 1282 goals in official matches.500+ of his goals (roughly 40%) were scored in friendlies and exhibition matches played against prestigious teams like US Navy. Even goals against teams like Brazilian coast guard were added to the tally of goals scored in official matches.

He scored 757 goals from 812 official matches, which is still legendary and one of the best goalscoring ratios we have ever witnessed. If you look at the stats you can see that pele scored 5+ goals in a single match against teams like Juventus, Nacional, etc but the thing is they are not the Juventus or Nacionale that you know. He did not score 5 goals against the Juventus of Italy or the Nacional of Uruguay but were below average teams with below-average teams in Brazil.

Football(like every other sport) gets better and better over years due to new technology and better understanding. The standard of football at the time of Pele were levels ahead of the quality of football that we see now. Even though the standard was not that good Pele was an exceptional player and transformed the game to a new level.

If you could look at the videos from that era you can see that the level of the defenders at that time was hardly impressive. Only a few defenders stood out others were below average. But pele was undoubtedly an exceptional talent. Even with the lack of technological advancements and a better understanding of the game, Pele managed to transform the game and became a legendary player. I don't think pele's style of play good stand a chance against iconic defenders like Paolo Maldini ,Franco Baresi, or Sergio Ramos.

Pele has won three football World Cup titles that are something which other players can only dream of however his World Cup achievements are as legendary as the stories say. Pele was outperformed in all of his World cups. In fact, you could say that Pele only has two world cups to his name.

In his first World Cup win he was not even the player of the tournament. In his second tournament, he got injured and didn't get to play any important matches and in the third and final world cup victory, Pele was not even the top scorer of the tournament.

In the 2002 year where Brazil national team won the football world cup, their coach Luiz Felipe Scholari has claimed they know nothing about football and has later the football legend for criticizing his team before the world cup.

By1970s pele was world-renowned and his name was loved all over the world. his name was so famous that his club Santos FC used to take out for multiple world tours to play exhibition matches and friendly with an average or below-average team because so many people would pay to see him play even if the opponents are weak. This is where most office 500 + unofficial goals were scored.

he played hundreds of games touring around Europe and maybe this is how he created the legendary status that he has no wherever he went to play his name circulated around in newspapers and people used to praise his name all over. Ishq tour event on increase not only his fame but also his legendary reputation.

All this unofficial exhibition made a legendary reputation for pele and the older generation started calling him the greatest of all time and this stories set by the older generation was passed down to the youngsters and know it kind of became a fact that Pele is the greatest of all time and people refuse to look into the truth behind the legend.

Pele did impact game and bring football into a whole new level and brought even more in popularity and interest into the sport so you could say that pele is the grandfather of football and he is obviously one of the greatest players of all time but is not the greatest.

Pahle vs and immensely talented player he was braces, all-time top scorer, with 77 official goals he was named the player of the century by FIFA and he was also included in the Time magazine's 100 most important person in the 20th century he also holds the record for the most number of hat-tricks,92.

when a reporter asked if he a better player than Ronaldo and Messi the seventy-nine year old responded

that's a tough question to answer I've been asked many times we must not forget zeko and Ronaldinho people always talk about European players like Franz Beckenbaur and Johan cryuff it's not my fault but I think I was better than all of them there will only be one pele there won't be any one else like me.

later in an interviewer palace said that Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Lionel Messi because he is more consistent and a better goal scorer. Coming this from the mouth of somebody like Pele is absolutely unbelievable.

Pele was a great football player but calling him the greatest of all time he's a little too much. For many people pele is the greatest football player of all time it is a legend for stone by the older generation but before calling somebody the greatest player without watching them play is kind of stupid so looking to the facts and try to see the real truth.

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